sabato 4 ottobre 2008

Shannon Rehab Unit is using the Wii video game for therapy

The Shannon Rehab center has developed a new rehabilitation exercise using the Wii video game.

This exercise allows patients to do therapy in a whole new way.
The Shannon Rehab Unit decided to get the Wii because it was the new and upcoming technology and we thought it would be fun for the patients and we have found that the patients have enjoyed it and makes therapy more fun.

They are able to do things that there not normally able to do here in a rehab setting, like playing golf, bowling, fishing things that our patients normally like to do outside of the hospital and that’s the goal of rehab and occupational therapy.
The goal for therapy is to get patients back to doing the activities they were doing before they had a stroke, brain injury, hip or knee replacements, or any episode that placed them in therapy.
The improvements the therapist have seen are increased strengths, whether that’s upper body, they have noticed lower body strength, patients having increased trunk control, increased coordination with their upper and lower extremities together or coordinating both extremities together.
The Wii therapy has allowed patients to get better a little bit faster because they are doing something they enjoy.

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